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Document process efficiency throughout the company

In the big picture of business processes there are two basic cycles: the order-to-cash (O2C) cycle of fulfilling customer orders and collecting payment, and the purchase-to-pay (P2P) cycle of buying the goods and services. Automated processing of cash conversion results in improved and more efficient business communication ó and Esker is at the forefront.

The core principle behind Eskerís document process automation platform is a focus on helping businesses Quit Paperô to drive operational efficiencies, cost savings and process visibility. Esker offers solutions specifically designed to eliminate the huge amounts of paper flowing through O2C and P2C cycles. Increasing speed and accuracy through document process automation helps businesses fulfill customer orders faster, get paid sooner, optimise financial management and maximise supply chain efficiency.


End-to-end automation

Esker solutions span the cash conversion cycle, allowing you to Quit Paperô
in any process you choose.



Reducing the time it takes to turn an order into money in the bank offers strategic benefits to a company:

  • Reduce receivables and DSO rates, optimise cash flow and management of working capital
  • Improve debt-to-equity ratio, reduce external financing needs and enhance credit rating
  • Strengthen business relationships through higher customer satisfaction
  • Free up resources to focus on core business-building activities
  • Lower O2C processing time and costs


Generating added value and profitability for the entire organisation by communicating with suppliers to procure high-quality goods and services at the lowest cost and at the right time:

  • Effective supplier management
  • Improve process control and reduced risk of fraud
  • Efficient cash-flow management
  • Real-time budget control and follow-up
  • Capture early payment discounts
  • Accurate and rapid financial closing procedures